Let’s Talk Code Project Team

Navajo Technical University

Peter Romine
Principal Investigator

Peter Romine is currently working as an Associate Professor of Electrical Engineering at Navajo Technical University. He is the principal investigator  for Let's Talk Code.

Northern Arizona University

Ashish Amresh

Ashish Amresh conducts research in the development of Serious Games and previously he led the Computer Gaming curriculum initiatives at Arizona State University, where he founded the Computer Gaming Certificate, Camp Game and UTBC summer programs. He was the founding program chair for the Simulation Science Games and Animation program at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University and his industry pursuits included working for Ronin Entertainment as a Graphics Software Engineer known for Star Wars: Force Commander and Bruce Lee Quest of the Dragon games. He is the author of Unreal Game Development, a popular book used for teaching game development skills for high school students. He has given numerous talks on using games in the class room for enhancing math and science learning. He is currently researching the development of software tools to improve game based learning outcomes.

NAU Mentors

Zachary Hallemeyer

Zachary Hallemeyer is a student at Northern Arizona University studying Computer Science and Mathematics and will graduate in May 2024. He specializes in C, Python, and Java. 

Aaron Santiago

Hi, my name is Aaron Santiago. I am a soon-to-be grad with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science (May 2024). I live in Arizona, and I have a passion for learning and challenging myself. I'm currently learning C and am gaining certifications. As for my future, I hope to one day work as a Software Engineer or Cybersecurity Analyst and work with a diverse team.

Cathy Ly

An undergraduate Computer Science major with goals to design and create better technology solutions for healthcare software and education! As I am studying, I have had a variety of experiences that has helped me with my journey such as working as a Behavioral Technician and a Preschool Teacher.


Coconino County Education Service Agency

Cheryl Mango-Paget
Co-Principal Investigator

Cheryl Mango-Paget is currently working as the Coconino County Superintendent of Schools. She is working in let's talk code as a Co-Principal Investigator


Paige Prescott
Co-Principal Investigator

Paige Prescott is currently working as the Co-founder and Executive Director of the Computer Science Alliance. She is working in Let's Talk Code as a Co-Principal Investigator.

Lisa Kaczmarczyk

Lisa Kaczmarczyk is currently working as a research consulter. She is working in Let's Talk Code as a Evaluator